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MBCA New Committee 2024 (and Farewells)

The Mission Beach Community Association Committee 2024:


President: Patrick Bluett

Vice President: Ron Sirolli

Secretary: Evelyn Swarbrick

Minutes Secretary: Wanda Lowe

Membership Officer: Jackie Anthony

Newsletter Editors: Angela Lohrey-Mills and Guy Laird

Committee Members: Lynn Jahnke, Bill Mathers, Guy Laird, Jackie Anthony, Brian Kinderman


We are very excited about the coming year, and look forward to providing our members with more quality information and news, plus seeing how we can better assist the community with their local projects.


However it was with great sadness, that we also said goodbye to a very long-standing member of the MBCA - Truus Biddlecombe.


Truus wore many hats over the past 19 years she was with us, as she gave selflessly to ensure the Mission Beach and surrounds area grew and prospered to be the fabulous community it is today. Many of you know Truus, and I am sure you will agree, she will be very much missed for her outspoken, mischevious, dedicated, hardworking personality, and the tireless energy she gave to the MBCA. In her own words she said there had been great times, and some not-so-great times, but it was now time to pursue other interests.


We wish her the absolute best as she races off to take up new adventures and look forward to the stories from the energetic Mrs Biddlecombe as she devotes her time to helping others.


MBCA Truus 

Truus Biddlecombe and Patrick Bluett (President) with her farewell gift


 MBCA Committee


Committee 2024 (L to R): Lynn Jahnke, Evelyn Swarbrick, Angela Lohrey-Mills, Patrick Bluett, Jackie Anthony , Bill Mathers, Wanda Lowe, Guy Laird

Absent: Ron Sirolli and Brian Kinderman

MBCA: AGM/GM Invitation (NEXT WEEK!)

NEXT TUESDAY EVENING: please find our Invitation for the AGM/General Meeting for next Tuesday, 13th February 2024.


PLEASE NOTE: the committee is accepting nominations from the floor on the evening for anyone who would like to join our wonderful Association. We are looking for assistants in all roles, so if you would love to join the team, and make a difference in the beautiful Mission Beach area, please put forward your nomination.


(Please find attached the Agenda's for both meetings, plus Minutes from the last Meeting. Information here: MBCA AGM and GM Agenda's/Past Minutes)


MBCA February 13th 2024 invite

PDF flyer invitation here: MBCA AGM and GM Invitation 13 Feb 2024

Reminder: MBCA General Meeting and AGM

**Update: the current MBCA Committee is disappointed with the lack of response to their call out - only FIVE DAYS to submit your interest in being part of this great Association**


Be a part of the progressive MBCA Committee and make a difference to this great community!


The next general meeting of MBCA Inc will take place on Tuesday 13th of February commencing at 6pm, and the Annual General Meeting will take place after the General meeting.


Members are encouraged to stand for a committee position as the organisation cannot exist without an active committee. Due to many of our committee members travelling we would like to see an assistant to all positions.


A nomination form is attached and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 23rd of January. 


MBCA Nomination Form for Committee 2024




We strongly encourage all our members to play a part in enhancing our beautiful region - any questions about the roles and what is required, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Merry Christmas from MBCA

Santa Caribbean


From the whole Mission Beach Community Association team, we would like to wish you a very safe and happy Christmas for 2023, and a fabulous New Year for a prosperous and healthy 2024.


Thank you for being part of the Mission Beach journey over the past 12 months, and we look forward to continuing to inform you of the great events which occur in our beautiful part of the world in 2024. The emails will be monitored over the next few weeks and we will confirm when you will receive the next couple of newsletters.


Note from Truus: her and Patrick are going on a well-deserved overseas break to relax and rejuvenate for next years adventures so please DON'T CALL HER!! (She'll fill you in on her fabulous trip when she returns!)